Where, how and what we check in our used robots

Our clients often ask us what we do for a revision of a used robot, so in this section, briefly, we explain what we do check, when we go through our inspection.

Robot Arm Unit:

  • Oil or grease changed or replaced
  • Check of the belts
  • Inspection of any malfunctions in the wrist
  • Check all the 6 or 4 motor axes
  • Check Internal and external cables
  • Check counter balance
  • All the dirt is removed with special machines and products
  • The robotic arm is fully painted with the original paint
  • Take off the unnecessary cables
  • Checking of the all connectors

Control Cabinet:

  • New configuration of the robot, if necessary
  • Check the all surface
  • Checking of the components
  • Check and cleaning of the fans
  • Check the filter
  • Batteries tested or replaced
  • Check cables functioning
  • Teach pendant screen inspected

Painting station

Cleaning Station Dry eye CO2

Testing electrical components