Why a used robot?

Eurobots can offer you robotics solutions, which will allow you to save up to 60% in comparison to the purchase of a new robot. An used robot is an opportunity to return the cost of robotic system in a shorter span of time. An used robot is paid off in 17 to 19 months.

An used robot is a solution that:

  1. Diminish the cost of production
  2. Warrants the quality of your product
  3. Puts down the cost of employees
  4. Makes better your productivity

What, where and how do we check our used robots?

Our customers often ask us what we do in the revision of a used robot, so in this section, briefly, we explain what we do check, when we perform our inspection.

Robot Arm Unit:

  • Change or replacement of Oil or grease
  • Checking the belts
  • Inspection of any wrist malfunction
  • Check all motor axes 6 and 4
  • Check external and internal cables
  • Check counterweight
  • All dirt is removed with machines and special products
  • The robotic arm is completely painted with the original paint
  • Remove unnecessary cables
  • Checking all connectors

Control cabin:

  • New configuration of the robot, if necessary
  • Checking the entire surface
  • Checking the components
  • Checking and cleaning the fans
  • Check the filter
  • Tested or replacement of Batteries
  • We review the operation of the cables
  • We teach to inspect the hanging screen